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Chocolate Hazelnut Hot Cross Bun French Toast!

Lucy at @locatinglucy on Instagram has well and truly pulled it out of the bag for this Easter inspired show-stopper! Whip up something different and special for Easter brunch!
15 minutes
Serves 1



  1. Whisk together mixture!

    Whisk together the eggs, milk, sweetener & cinnamon until well combined

  2. Heat a frying pan

    Turn the hob to a medium/high heat & spray a large frying pan with cooking spray.

  3. Soak bun in all the deliciousness

    Soak each slice of bun in the mixture for 20 seconds each side

  4. Fry until golden

    Fry the bun halves for 3 to 4 minutes on each side until golden.

  5. Heat Caramel Sauce

    Remove the lid from the Joe & Seph’s Chocolate & Hazelnut Sauce and microwave for 20 seconds until melted (stay safe and use oven gloves to remove the jar from the microwave!)

  6. Stack it up!

    Stack your Hot Cross Bun pieces adding a generous amount of the Chocolate & Hazelnut Sauce between each layer.

  7. Time to drizzle

    Top with Joe & Seph’s Chocolate & Hazelnut Gourmet Popcorn and fresh strawberries and serve! ????


Can’t wait to give this a try!
So indulgent but worth the treat. I had some left over hot cross buns and a big stash of joe & seph's so decided to give this a go! I used the joe and sephs salted caramel sauce instead and it was heavenly!
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