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Joe & Seph's feature in Food Unwrapped!

Tuesday 25th July 2023


Did you spot us on the telly!?

Earlier in the year, we invited the team from Food Unwrapped (one of our favourite TV shows!), to go behind the scenes at Popcorn HQ, and track down answers to one very important question…

How do we get the caramel onto popcorn without it getting soggy?

Joseph was joined by the lovely John Whaite, to investigate the secrets behind our delicious crispy coating!  


First up, the air-popping station

Before the caramel, comes the corn! Straight away John commented on how much bigger our corn is compared to what he makes at home.  

We only ever use mushroom corn, which expands to roughly 35 times its original size when popped, creating light, fluffy popcorn with a lovely large surface for the caramel to stick to.


Then comes the (secret) ingredients

Joseph keeps his recipe close to his chest, but our caramel sauce is whisked up to help increase the volume, thicken the sauce and ensure it coats the popcorn evenly. 


Twice baked to perfection

The final (and most important!) piece of the puzzle – baking the popcorn to lock in the delicious crunch. Our popcorn is double baked to ensure all moisture is removed from the caramel. Once cooled, your popcorn will crisp up a treat.


Suddenly in the mood for popcorn? Discover our full range of caramel popcorn, and if you missed it, catch up on the episode of Supermarkets Unwrapped: Snack Aisle 

Are there any other popcorn secrets you'd love to know the answer to? Be sure to tell us @joeandseph on social.